Color Me Lazy

After we got engaged, I was surprised that one of the first questions that friends and relatives would ask was “So, what are your colors?” Huh? Really? Not about the cake? Or the venue? Or the music? Or the booze? For me, this question about colors seemed to come completely out of left field. I started to think that it was somehow social etiquette: Always be sure to ask a newly engaged woman about her wedding colors! It’s only polite! I stuttered my way through a response, offering up insight such as, “uh…green?” as I motioned frantically for Mr. Mole to offer up his own color choices into the conversation.

Mr. Mole and I aren’t having a bridal party — which means that I am not asking any of my lovely ladies to dress up in the color/s of my choosing or hold complementary hued flowers. Thus I delayed (read: procrastinated on) any decisions about the color palette. Yet it started to dawn on me as to how many other things in our wedding would reflect whatever colors we chose: the invitations, the venue decor, the favor cards, the programs, the bridal accessories, etc. I knew that I needed to start making some decisions.

I ended up finding our colors in an incredibly roundabout way. First, when googling reviews of Mexican resorts for honeymoon ideas, I came across a photoshoot on Style Me Pretty. The photoshoot took place at Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita, the resort at which Mr. Mole and I got engaged. This bird is even the same one that bit Mr. Mole on the ear. Maybe this is kismet?

Three photographs above via Style Me Pretty / Photographs by Troy Grover Photographers / Styling by Grey Likes Weddings

What I loved about the colors in this photoshoot was how the touches of pink, turquoise, and coral really popped against the more neutral colors of the background: the sand, the sea, the rattan chairs, the wooden planks of the dock. However, I realized that this particular color scheme screamed a bit too “tropical” for our Vegas tastes. So I moved on, but now with a few ideas in mind — namely, my interest in using coral somehow in our palette.

I started looking for other photoshoots and inspiration boards that incorporated coral in a non-beachy way. Once I stumbled across a blog post on Southern Weddings about the combination of coral, mint, and ivory, I knew that I was sold.

Image via Southern Weddings / Board created by Gia of Betsywhite Stationary Boutique

This color scheme is a bit softer than what I imagined that we would go for. It’s also a little bit less popular. Surprisingly, though, this ended up being a color combination that wasn’t too hard to incorporate. Our wedding chapel is decked out in ivory and soft pinks/corals.

Wynn Lavender Salon

Our favor cards and our invitations both were offered in that color scheme.

Papaya and Sage = Coral and Mint

I even found shoes for our Milwaukee party in a cool, mint green.

Sage colored shoes

I love how everything is coming together, both planning-wise and color-wise. I also like that I now have something specific to say next time my friend or cousin or future-aunt-in-law asks me about my colors!

How did you find your wedding colors? Were you as lazy about picking them as I was?

About Dana

I am a PhD drop-out, teaching secondary English and working on another MA degree (this time in Education) in Milwaukee. I am also a runner.
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